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Microsoft Easyball

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Fernd vanEngelen, IDSA, and James McCay of Teague, Redmond, WA; and Edie Adams, Christopher Alviar, IDSA, and Steven Kaneko, IDSA, of Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA
Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA
Grace Chan, Microsoft Corp., 206.882.8080

Designed for two to six year olds with a range of cognitive and physical abilities, EasyBall makes screen navigation fun and easy. Its stationary design means kids don't have to reposition the mouse when they run out of desk space, and its whimsical fried egg look and bright primary colors are inviting. EasyBall separates the act of pressing one large, easy-to-locate button from that of rolling the ball, helping kids to avoid accidentally moving the cursor. EasyBall can be connected to the computer simultaneously with a Microsoft-compatible mouse.

" What a fun idea! The research that went into this product is impressive as is its success in the marketplace. This product exemplifies the high level of value that industrial design can bring to both the end-user and the bottom line."
-- Tom Hardy, IDSA, Georgia Tech

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Created : October 10, 1998
Last updated : March 12, 1999