Tattoo as a part of loyalty to Apple products

Have you ever thought about making a tattoo or two? Maybe you have your own tattoo ideas and have a pretty clear view of tattoo fonts and what exactly you want to have. And if I say about making a tattoo with a specific theme, for instance, Mac tattoos? What will be your answer now? Some people would think that it is a craze deed, whereas others would agree. If you make a search of the Apple tattoo collection, you will have quite a huge results. Impressed? Well, let’s try to figure out what is the main factor that makes people make tattoos with the logo of their favorite company.

Apple tattoo

How do people express their loyalty to the beloved company

Apple products cause wild enthusiasm among people that can grow into a lifelong addiction. Sometimes you look at your brand new iPhone and think something like “Oh Lord, how beautiful this gadget is in the rays of the morning sun! And how pleasant it is to feel the coolness of the case by the finger-pads! ” and you want to share your emotions with the whole world. One can express feelings that are spilling over the edge in different ways. For example, to gather an online crowd and attack the owner of the Android phone or spend half a day arguing about how much memory the iPhone should have, or walk around the sites and leave comments under all articles where this company is mentioned. Or in a contrary, one can follow a constructive way and express oneself in the art. Apple fans are trying hard to demonstrate their love and commitment. Sometimes they commit illogical actions if, to put it mildly, and most of them cause quite a lot of questions from others.

As for example, the kilometer-long queues. They have long ceased to be something unexpected when it comes to the new gadget from Apple. Such an enchanting spectacle began as soon as the iPhone 4 came out. Then, especially zealous Apple fans lined up at the stores just 9 days before the new phone was released. And if you think that it was a way too much, you are wrong as the fact says that for the iPhone 5 people lined up two weeks before the start of the sales. The guys posted their photos in social networks and showed tents in which they lived in order not to miss the start of the sales. But this is all fee-faw-fum, perhaps the longest queues have gathered to buy the iPhone 6. 4 million gadgets were sold worldwide per day. Particularly admirers were queuing at the store a month before the release of gadgets, a week before its presentation.

Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac a part of the brand identity

Usually, the motive for a tattoo is either just a beautiful image or the personification of a person’s interests. Many people love the work of famous personalities so much that they are ready to make a tattoo dedicated to them. In honor of an outstanding person, they make a tattoo with the name or portrait. Very often, the honor to be imprinted on the skin of the fan is given to representatives of creative professions: musicians, actors, writers, artists or athletes. Sometimes people make tattoos in the form of the logo of a well-known company, because they like its corporate values, or have personal associations with this company. If we talk about technology companies, then more often people make tattoos with the Apple logo. For some, this is a sign of belonging to the “Apple Cult”, and someone made such a tattoo because they were inspired by the old slogan of the company “Think different”.

Apple is perhaps among the few computer companies that inspires its users to express their love through tattooing. Apple fans are like sports fans of the same team. The fact that Macs are not just computers, but rather a lifestyle, a cult or even a religion, is a well-known fact for a long period of time. The love for Macs one can express in different ways, but the most extreme way to prove your love for Macs is to make an appropriate tattoo. Today, quite a few especially dedicated fans get ink done on different parts of the body with the logo or the sign of the companies. Starting from the famous Apple tattoo and ending with the dogcow - one of the symbols of Apple, invented by the artist Susan Car for the Cairo font, or after the death of Steve Jobs, the popularity gained tattoos with his portrait or sayings. In general, the fantasy of fans has no limits and you see that tattoo designs can vary.

And even more, this is not the end of the expression of thу feelings. So, in Japan, a sticker was developed that allows you to grow apples with the Apple logo. The sticker with the image is glued on the formed, but still immature fruit, and then the sun does its business. The method even received the beautiful name sun tattoo. So as you see, there is a lot of Apple tattoo ideas and if you decided to make the one for you choose the one wisely. However, if you do not want to make any Mac tattoos and consider yourself as a true Apple admirer, take a look at these handy apps.

The list of apps for a true Apple fans

Commander One

Commander One

  • Requirements: macOS 10.13. 54.76MB free space.
  • Version 3.9(3901). (1 Jul, 2024).
  • 4.7 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(524)
  • Category: Utilities

Commander One is an efficient file manager with a dual panel interface that allows you to deal with local and network resources. The list of the supported features is rather impressive. Here you can find root-rights, search for RegEx., built-in Terminal, Media Transfer Protocol support, hotkeys, FTP/SFTP, and cloud client and many more. Move files back and forth without opening a lot of unnecessary tabs.

Commander One screenshot


  • Requirements: macOS 10.9. 21.74MB free space.
  • Version 1.7.384. (15 May, 2020).
  • 4.5 Rank based on 58+ users, Reviews(24)
  • Category: BusinessApplication

This minimalistic but a rather useful app would definitely be a cup of tea for most of the Instagram users. If you got tired from uploading photos from your Mac to your phone and after that to your Instagram profile, then you came to the right place. Uplet allows you to bulk upload photos directly from your Mac. The app also supports multi-account feature. Get all your accounts in one spot avoiding constant logging in.

Uplet screenshot


  • Requirements: macOS 10.14+. 57.46MB free space.
  • Version 4.7(1404). (11 Jul, 2024).
  • 4.8 Rank based on 436+ users, Reviews(255)
  • Category: Utilities

CloudMounter allows you to work effortlessly with different cloud services through Finder. Map your favorite cloud storages to your Mac as if they are your local drives. The app supports a huge list of popular cloud storages as well as remote servers. Access all your online solutions in one app. Besides, CloudMounter cares about your confidentiality and uses AES-256 to protect your data. No one but you or a trusted person with a decryption key could get the access to all the encrypted information.

CloudMounter screenshot


  • Requirements: macOS 10.10. 15.27MB free space.
  • Version 2.6.328. (12 Jan, 2023).
  • 4.6 Rank based on 334+ users, Reviews(151)
  • Category: MultimediaApplication

PhotoBulk is a great program for processing photos in batch. It can offer you 4 kinds of watermarks (select one or apply any combination you wish), 5 variants of resizing, renaming (standard names of the files with various prefixes and suffixes), optimizing (allows to optimize a photo without losing the quality). The app supports live editing feature that means all the manipulations are visible for you in a preview window for your convenience.

PhotoBulk screenshot