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Jobs, Ellison out of sync on Mac NC specs

By Jeff Walsh

December 22 / December 29, 1997

Apple executives can't seem to get their stories straight about the company's forthcoming network computer specifications, but the company said its NC will not be announced at MacWorld in San Francisco in January.

During a speech trumpeting the network computer for the Harvard Computer Society earlier in December, Larry Ellison, Oracle chief executive officer and Apple board member, responded to a question about Apple's role in the NC space.

Ellison said the Macintosh NC would be available in April, with a near-300-MHz processor and a 17-inch screen. The Mac NC will run on the Mac OS and cost less than $1,000, according to attendees. Ellison added that the NC would not ship with a hard drive, but one could be added to the unit for an additional $100.

Steve Jobs, Apple interim chief executive officer, did not agree.

"Unfortunately, [Ellison] is pretty far off base," Jobs stated in an e-mail. "Maybe he is trying to deflect interest from what we are really doing."

However, not correcting Ellison, Jobs only stated, "We are not ready to talk about future products."

Ellison did not respond to several requests for comment on Jobs' statement.

One analyst said Apple does not need to be concerned about missing the NC boat.

"I think Apple is smart to avoid that market initially," said James Staten, an analyst at Dataquest, in San Jose, Calif.

Staten said NCs have yet to take off, and most companies are initially targeting corporate markets, whereas Apple will be making its NC announcement as part of an education push in spring of 1998.

"I don't think that market has even thought about NCs yet," Staten said.

Staten added that Apple's entry would legitimize the NC market within the education market to many people, due to the company's strong education ties.

As for what specifications will be featured in the Mac NC, Staten said he does not even think Apple is that far along with development yet.

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Steve Jobs et Larry Ellison en déphasage sur le NC
Paris, XC le 24/12/97

Steve Jobs, CEO par intérim d'Apple, et Larry Ellison, CEO d'Oracle et membre du conseil d'administration d'Apple, ont tenu des propos divergeants sur leurs projets concernant le NC (Network Computer). Selon Ellison, le Macintosh NC sera disponible en avril prochain. Il sera équipé d'un processeur 300 MHz et d'un écran 17 pouces. Il tournera sur MacOS et coûtera moins de 1 000 $... De son côté, Steve Jobs a cherché à minimiser les déclarations d'Ellison, sans toutefois corriger ces propos. Le CEO d'Apple ne veut faire aucune déclaration sur la sortie éventuelle d'un Macintosh NC, se refusant à parler des «futurs produits».


Created : October 10, 1998
Last updated : January 1, 1999