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Paper Mac's "Make your own Mac" - Page 2


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Source : iMacWorld

Macintosh Paper Craft
MacUser /Japan
Mac SE
bet Acrobat
Source :
Copyright 1997 by SOFTBANK Corporation. All rights reserved.
All those download are now local

All those download are now local
Mike Burgess:

Hello, there fellow Macintosh fanatics!!! I have attached the images I used to print out my own full scale G4 cube!!! It was easy and fun and now I have a cube on my shelf that is representing in full scale what will eventually be sitting there! I am so excited about the new Cube that had to see what it would look like in person! I could not get it to boot up with the OS 8.6 CD but it looks great sticking out of the top slot!! Please note that these images are ©2000 Apple Computer, Inc. and were taken from a QTVR movie on Apple's web site and then extracted to individual frames and then selected for proper position. I printed them using Microsoft word as it allow printing on my Epson 740 even though the print area is outside the theoretical margins. Each page printed out perfectly and I trimmed them and bent the edges and taped the five pieces together. Thanks for everything!

Source : MacAddict
Download : 124KB

I was cruisin your origami section and I thought you G3 model was cool, but rather outdated. So Basically, I downloaded it, added nessicarry changes, some special Effects, and a couple other things, Now it's a G4! Ta Da! Not bad eh? If you like it, post it, most credit should go to Jonathan Claydon because he designed the original G3, but if you could include "Altered by Poseid0n" or something similar, i'd be very greatful. Anyhow....

Source : MacAddict
Download : 28k
iMac Katherine Livick upd

Hi! I was inspired by the MacOrnament to create a more modern version. Here's an iMacOrnament I drew up today. Feel free to post it if you think it's worthy. =) Have fun!

Source : MacAddict
Download : 59k
View JPEG image

Source : MacAddict & MacTeens
by Jonathan Claydon upd

...I cut the thing out and hunted up some tape. To my surprise, IT WORKED! It actually worked!! Everything fit together fine and it actually looks like a real Blue and White G3! This particular model has a Zip drive installed and I even took noticed to draw in the latch handle on the side (the correct side at that, matches up with the drawn on ports on the rear). Anyway, I've attached the laid out plans. I didn't include instructions as any Mac user who wants or owns that G3 is very familiar with the design and how it looks. There are a couple of gaps in there (directly underneath where the handles are, if I had added in those areas, who knows how I would have gotten it together!). Add it to the Art Gallery, showcase it, whatever (I do encourage you build it for yourself). I think I'll print out a few more and pretend that I've got a cool OS X Server setup. Of course, this thing needs a monitor, which I'm currently trying to hash out. Enjoy!
Mac SE Brian Miller upd

Here's a color version (of Janis Chevalier's original Mac ornament) for all you Modern Mac Addicts.

Source : MacAddict
Download : 89k
imacorn2 Mike Fredette upd

The iMac ornament was a cool updating, but hardly a practical model. I created one that is a little more simplistic for us with shakey hands and early carpal tunnel.

Source : MacAddict
Download : 27k
macornament Janis Chevalier: upd Thank you for reuniting me with my mini-mac Christmas tree ornament. The design you are distributing was created by me for my users group back when uploading to a bulletin board was pretty hot stuff. In 1986 I thought it was exciting to get mail from a few people in other parts of the country who had decorated their tree with my idea. I had no idea it would have a life after that first Christmas. Thanks to many software upgrades, I can no longer open my original document, but thanks to the web, my little ornament is back! They say, "what goes around, comes around". Now we know how long that takes - 12 years!

Source : MacAddict
Download : 13k

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Created : May 9, 1999
Last updated : February 29, 2004