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My Macquarium

By accident some time ago I came across a mackintosh plus box on an internet auction, for an overwhelming amount of 0.25$. The description said that its prepared for a macquarium. Started to look on the internet for some more info on this concept and came across your site, and a few other of course. Being and aquarist (I keep Malawi cichlids) I decided to build such a fish tank. I took some chipboard planks from the basement, an old glass pane found at the garbage (somebody threw out an old window) and got off to work. The lighting is made of leds, mostly white, but with a touch of blue, red and yellow. The background is made of black slate stone, attached to the rear glass with a glue gun. At the bottom you can find white quartz sand, and in the middle a rock of shell limestone, and an African root in the corner. The filter and the heater is hidden behind a tin layer of slate stone, acting as a screen. In the tank I keep poecilia endleri fish, and two anubias plants. As the plants suffered from lack of light, I added a 4W tube light there, but havn't got that on picture yet.

Igor Musial (from Poland)



Created : May 9, 1999
Last updated : April 14, 2007