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When there is a video on YouTube that you want to have at hand even when no Internet connection is available, you can download Airy that saves videos right to your computer. Airy is a fantastic YouTube video downloader for Mac OS X. OS X El Capitan is fully supported.
Airy Downloader
Mac YouTube Video Downloader
Airy is so easy to use and yet it can do a lot: enjoy downloading many videos at the same time; save YouTube videos in various formats and resolutions. Airy can save the complete YouTube playlists and channels.

Save MP3 from YouTube

There are situations when only a soundtrack from YouTube video is needed. But is there a way to get just MP3 from YouTube instead of the whole video? Yes, there is - Airy. This little app can extract sounds from YouTube videos and get titles and album art. Other audio formats are supported too! All you need to do is add the YouTube link to Airy and then choose the desired audio format from the list. Then click "Download".

Integrate With a Web Browser

Airy is a small and simple YouTube video downloader Mac app, but it offers very useful options. For example you can integrate the app with your Internet browser to catch YouTube downloads right away. All popular browsers are included: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. For the flawless YouTube video download for Mac, click "Integrate into Browser" in Airy's main menu and follow the easy steps.
Airy can be your free YouTube video downloader for Mac in its trial version. Free Airy cannot add multiple video links at a time, but will download first two items of a YouTube playlist or channel for free.

Save Videos in Preferred Quality

This perfect little YouTube video downloader Mac app lets you select the format and the quality for the video to be saved. Save it as MP4, FLV, and 3GP in a resolution of your choice. Airy can save HD videos - 4K and 8K Ultra HD videos are supported too. When deciding what format you are going to choose, keep in mind the further usage of the video, whether it is going to be a mobile device or a big screen playing it.
Save Videos in Preferred Quality

YouTube playlists and channels

Download YouTube playlist on Mac with Airy or download a YouTube channel you like. It is easy to do: copy and paste the channel or playlist link, select the format and click Download. For playlists downloading you can choose to download each item in the best available quality.

Login & password

With Airy YouTube video downloader for Mac OS X you have a possibility to download age-restricted and protected videos on YouTube. Simply log in to your YouTube account in Airy's menu and enjoy unlimited downloading experience. You have an option of saving your login and password for future downloads.

Why Airy Mac YouTube video downloader is good for you?

Now you can have 24/7 access to favorite videos, even without an Internet connection, and avoid issues with deleted or replaced YouTube videos.
Connection speed is not a problem, even while watching HD videos.
The videos are always at hand, whether on your device or tablet, etc.
Airy is a great YouTube to MP3 converter.
The app comes with adding multiple links option.
You get a total freedom to watch and share your favorite videos.

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  • Requirements: OS X 10.9+
  • Version: 3.24.336 (2 Nov, 2021)
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  • Total downloads: 881,327

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