USB Network Gate
Share USB over Ethernet on Windows

USB Network Gate (former USB over Ethernet Connector) is the software that easily connects one or more remote USB devices to your computer over Network (Internet/LAN/WAN) as if the device was plugged into your own machine. Doesn't matter if you are in other country or in next door office, you can always use remote scanner, printer, webcam, modem, USB dongle or anything else as if they were connected directly to your PC.

USB over Ethernet

USB Network Gate helps you share USB over Ethernet among multiple computers so people from all over the world (or your office) can use it. Now you can access your printer, scanner, web-cam, USB dongle or any other supported USB device from your home PC or office laptop anywhere any time! USB Network Gate gives you the highly desirable capability to share USB device on a Windows PC or Mac OS and connect to it from a Linux device. Or vice versa!

  • Share USB over IP/LAN/WAN/VLAN/VPN/Internet

    Need to share one or many USB devices among multiple computers? USB Network Gate (former USB over Ethernet Connector) is the solution! Now any user can print, scan, or fax from any computer in your office. You can add a password to control remote user access.
  • Plug USB devices in virtual machines & blade servers

    Looking for a way to connect a USB device to virtual machine software or blade server? Install USB over Ethernet Redirector on a guest operating system (virtual machine, blade server) and access your USB peripherals from a remote virtual desktop right away. We are VMware, VMware ESX, Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft Hyper-V compatible!
  • Access USB over RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

    The common problem you may face when using Remote Desktop Connection is that you are unable to access local USB devices. USB Network Gate allows you to work with any local USB devices in a remote session. Moreover you can set your remote machine to automatically detect and connect to shared USB devices momentarily, as if you just plugged the device in a remote machine physically.
  • Access USB devices over Wi-Fi

    There's no need to change your existing network configuration to let your employees share a new USB device - it can be accessed wirelessly from desktops and laptops in your office. Just share an USB printer, scanner or other device on a single PC, and all your network users can work with it as if it was connected to their computer.
  • Per-session USB device isolation

    In a multi-user environment of terminal servers it is hard to get exclusivity in USB device usage. USB Network Gate allows assigning a USB device to specific user in their RDP session. No other users can access device at that time. Currently available for USB flash drives and USB cameras in testing mode. Since version 7.0 USB Network Gate supports ICA protocol by Citrix.

USB over Ethernet Connector additional features

Software offers a number of concomitant features that enhance and make sharing USB over Network easier.

Do not limit yourself to one platform

USB over Ethernet Connector gives you the highly desirable capability to share USB device over the network on Windows, macOS or Linux computers. What is more, you can create any server-client combination you require, be it macOS–Windows or Linux–macOS, any variant is possible!

Keep your data safe

The most valuable resource in the modern world is information, and our USB sharing software will make sure that no third party will gain access to yours. Highly secured connection standards are provided by the embedded traffic encryption option. Moreover, you can add a password to control remote user access.

Optimize data traffic

With USB to Ethernet Connector traffic compression option, you can drastically improve transfer speed and bandwidth utilization. This option will be especially useful in conjunction with the devices that tend to transfer data in the uncompressed format.

Hot-swap support

To share a different device there is no need to reboot a computer or restart USB over Ethernet. Just unplug the currently shared USB device and plug in another one, it's that simple! A new device will automatically appear on the remote client, thanks to the fact that USB over IP Connector shares a USB port over the network and not a separate device.
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Supported devices

USB Network Gate (former USB to Ethernet Connector) easily connects one or more remote USB over Ethernet.


  • 3D Printers
  • Cameras
  • Card readers
  • Digital TV Tuners
  • Webcams
  • Personal video recorder
  • Welch Allyn RetinaVue™ 100 Imager
  • Fingerprint readers
  • ID card scanners
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Modems
  • USB ANT Stick
  • Portable Thermometers
  • EasyOne™ Spirometer
  • Multifunctionals
  • Plotters, Cutters
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • USB Scales
  • Barcode scanners
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Universal Programmers
  • USB Monitors
  • USB Wireless Presenter
  • Smart Card Readers
  • Digital Mixers


  • BlackBerry
  • Gamepads
  • Graphic Tablets
  • Handhelds
  • Home Monitoring & Control System
  • iPads & iPhones
  • iPods
  • Keyboards
  • MIDI Controllers
  • Mouse Devices
  • USB Dongles
  • USB DVD Drives
  • Android Devices
  • USB Hard Drives
  • Wireless Weather Stations
  • USB VOIP (Skype) Phone
  • Universal remote control

Data Input/Output

  • Bluetooth adapters
  • Credit Card Readers
  • Depth Sensors
  • Elgato Turbo.264HD Hardware Accelerator
  • Infrared adapters
  • J2534 interface cables
  • JTAG/SWD debugging interface
  • KNX/EIB USB Interface
  • Software Defined Receiver
  • USB Adapters
  • USB Graphic Adapter
  • USB Network interfaces
  • USB Satellite Receivers
  • USB sound cards/headsets
  • USB TAPs
  • USB to COM cables
  • USB Wi-Fi adapters
If you know of a device that does not belong in any of the above listed categories but works fine with USB Network Gate, please contact us to claim a free license! Note that we cannot guarantee that all the models of the device types mentioned above are supported. If you have found that the model you are using fails to work with USB Network Gate, contact us. We will highly appreciate your assistance in this matter.
What our software is capable of
Throughout its long history, our software has helped a lot of people to solve a variety of tasks and problems of absolutely different kinds. And here are some of them:
I was on the business trip abroad and had to use a piece of software, which was secured with the Sentinel HASP HL dongle, that I left in my office, unfortunately for me. My colleague has advised me to try USB Network Gate to connect the dongle remotely. To my surprise, everything went even more smoothly than I anticipated, and the software successfully recognized the dongle, which was miles away from me.

Keith Evans, Flight Data Technician

With the help of USB Network Gate, I managed to turn my Samsung Android smartphone into a sort of wireless USB hub! I just had to install the app onto my phone, plugged my DSLR camera into it, shared the device with my computer over Wi-Fi, and voila, it showed up on my desktop computer.

Elizabeth Stein, Photography Enthusiast

Not having an access to my Mac machine during the debugging of the native iOS app made me look in the direction of cloud Mac machine. But the main question arose on how to access an iPhone attached to my Windows 10 PC from the cloud? That is when I came across USB Network Gate, which coped with this task flawlessly.

James Hughes, Software Applications Engineer

We were looking for a reliable solution to access and share various USB devices between Windows and Linux (and in some cases even Mac) computers. As it turned out, USB Network Gate is the only solution of that kind that could meet our criteria. And not only it met it, the software was reliable and flawless in its functioning.

Janet Camper, Information Systems Manager