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This is a non official Apple site

The Apple Collection

we collect the pictures and objects with the Apple Logo and around Apple Computer

The site is located in Switzerland. We do respect the Swiss copyright law and asked Apple and our lawyer to have a look on our site, to remove all works that are not 100% in accord to the law or in mind of Apple.

How we do! We do like more as 1'000'000 sites do, just reporting. The only difference is that we don't like texts and we want the site accessible to all languages. So we show a small preview (not usable) of what you can find on the net, and link to the site or pictures. All links will open in a new window (same for all links), with the original URL. All the files that will appear in the same window as "The Apple Collection" are works that have been submitted to us.

For use of the materials and Copyrights on "The Apple Collection", refer to the link, for all other works © to "The Apple Collection" 1997-2003.

= original submitted artwork (on our site with counter) Copyright TheAppleCollection
You are not allowed to use those pictures for any thing, even web site (and/or link directly to the pictures), CD-ROM compilation, etc..., without our agreement.
= see the picture on their site (direct link) Copyright to their site
= get the picture on their site (go there to download) Copyright to their site

Almost all pictures are coming from the Web. We will add the missing links to these pictures soon as possible, many of them are coming from news groups and Hotline for which we can't link. Also some are our creation or submitted to us. If they are some picture(s) that are coming from your site, or are your artwork, if you like we remove them or add comments and link, please let us know.

See also © Apple and
Web Badges for restriction of official Apple pictures

The Apple Logo is a trademark of Apple Computers, Inc.

The site is established in accordance with Swiss Copyright Law.

Please read about us

All the images are optimized to the smallest size.


Created : May 9, 1999
Last updated : May 29, 2003

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